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On 7 and 8 October 2019 the Wetsus Congress 2019 Organizing Innovation will take place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Acquaint can be found at the exhibition floor, where it present its pipeline inspection techniques and approach towards predicting pipeline failure. Frank van der Hulst MSc, Senior Data Scientist at Acquaint, will present ‘A step change towards predicting pipeline failure’ during the afternoon parallel sessions on Tuesday October 8 (day 2).

The Wetsus Congress, with theme Organizing Innovation, is held in City theatre De Harmonie, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. In plenary sessions on Monday October 7, the theme will be addressed from an international context and from the sustainable innovation perspective.
Tuesday October 8 is all about science. The 12 parallel sessions are based on Wetsus’ scientific program.

Asset owners are facing a future with an increase of NRW (Non Revenue Water) and a higher leakage rate. The remaining technical lifespan is in general unclear and it is hard to prioritize maintenance. This causes an increased risk level. In order to solve this problem, Acquaint can provide a new level of risk control by means of collected degradation rates through pipeline inspection, data science and a consistent asset management approach.
By attending the parallel session ‘2.2 Surviving (or thriving?) the ever increasing amount of analytical data’ you will be able to learn more about Acquaint’s state of the art technology, that will increase the reliability of your pipeline utilities.

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