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Discover the Aquabrella

The free-swimming inspection tool for drinking water pipelines

With the flexible Aquabrella, a comprehensive inspection of pressure and transport pipes is performed in one single run.

Passes obstacles without difficulty

Due to its flexible design, the Aquabrella moves onward obstructions and transitions in the pipeline without any problems.

Minimise downtime

In one run, the Aquabrella guarantees a complete condition assessment of kilometres of pipe, without downtime.

Improve management performance

The inspection data is available in your dashboard for more effective management and maintenance of your pipeline network.

The perfect solution for large drinking water pipes

by Frank van der Hulst

Thanks to this flexible free-swimming tool, drinking water companies can easily gain insight into the condition of their pipeline network.

How the Aquabrella works

A complete condition assessment in one run, suitable for all types of pipes.

What does the Aquabrella inspect?

The Aquabrella carries out internal condition assessments for pressure and transport drinking water pipes with a diameter ≥DN400. The free-swimming, intelligent robot can be used in (risky) pipelines made of concrete, asbestos cement, cast iron, stainless steel and HPDE/PVC/GRP. The Aquabrella provides a complete condition assessment in which wall thickness degradation, location, corrosion, leaching, and sulphate attack, are measured.

How does it work?

With its sensors, the Aquabrella monitors the condition of pressure and transport pipes over many kilometres in one single run. The Aquabrella then sends the measurement data to our cloud platform. Acquaint uses data analysis to offer you insight into the current condition and remaining life span of the inspected pipe(s). Even for pipes that have not (yet) been inspected.


High density of measurements

Measures to the nearest millimetre: leaching, sulphate attack, corrosion, location, angular displacement of joints, joint width, wall thickness degradation, ovality and diameter, axial tension, and leaks.

Maximum manoeuvrability

The inspection tool passes obstacles in the pipeline network without any problems due to the flexible design of the Aquabrella.

Full insight into the condition of the pipes

Our advanced dashboard provides you with all the ins and outs you need.

Free-swimming inspection tool

As a result of the design of the Aquabrella, there is no pressure difference and low friction during an inline inspection of a pipe.

For all types of pipelines

With the Aquabrella, it is possible to inspect all types of drinking water pipelines.

Prediction of the remaining service life

The remaining life span of the pipes is determined on the basis of the measurement data obtained by the Aquabrella.

The result

Reduce risks, minimise downtime and cut down on costs significantly

24/7 access to all insights about the current condition of your pipeline network.

Predict damages and failures, also for pipes that have not (yet) been inspected.

Cut down on costs significantly by intelligently prioritising pipeline management and preventing damage, leaks, and malfunctions.

The unique features of the Aquabrella enable assessing the condition of pipelines that were impossible to inspect until today.
Erik Driessen

CEO at Acquaint

Discover what the Aquabrella can mean for your pipeline network. Contact Erik.

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