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Pipeline inspection services with the Pipe Scanner pipeline inspection tool

Discover the PipeScanner

360-degree pipeline scan in a flash

The PipeScanner allows you to perform comprehensive pipeline condition assessments in a flash. Whenever, wherever you want. It gives you rapid access to all the insights you seek into your water network’s current and future condition.

Inspection without demolition

This smart inspection tool is compact and easy to use. Inspect pipelines from the outside without cutting or demolition work. Perform high-quality condition assessments in a flash.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

With our smart inspection tools, you can manage your own condition assessments. Both the planning and the implementation. We use internal competition to challenge users to produce better assessments. Engagement guaranteed!

All insights within a day

PipeScanner measurement data is transmitted to Acquaint’s Cloud Environment automatically thanks to the Acquaint upload tool. The data is quickly analysed. You gain access to all the insights into a pipeline’s current condition within the day.

The perfect solution

Mark Pranger

Thanks to the PipeScanner, operation and asset managers gain full control of inspections and condition assessments.

How the PipeScanner works

The PipeScanner allows you to assess the condition whenever and wherever you want.

A pipeline inspection with the Pipe Scanner

What does the PipeScanner inspect?

The PipeScanner allows you to perform external condition assessments of pipelines with diameter ≥ DN50. The PipeScanner is suitable for use with asbestos cement, cast iron, steel and HPDE/PVC pipelines.

Pipeline inspection services with the Pipe Scanner pipeline inspection tool

What does the PipeScanner measure?

The PipeScanner assures you of comprehensive pipeline condition assessments. The PipeScanner measures wall thickness degradation, leaching, corrosion and deterioration due to H2S.

Pipeline inspection with the Pipe Scanner inspection tool

Improve measurement results through gamification

The more you measure, the more you know. We use internal competition to challenge technicians and field staff to produce better assessments. Engagement guaranteed!


High measurement density

PipeScanner assessments have an accuracy of up to < 1mm.

Comprehensive condition assessment

The PipeScanner measures wall thickness, leaching, H2S and corrosion.

Gaming experience

Internal competition ensures motivated users and better measurement data.

Wireless transmission

Measurement data is transmitted to the cloud environment automatically thanks to the Acquaint upload tool.

Quick access to all the data

A dashboard provides you with all the measurement results and insights within the day.

Predict lifetimes

Use PipeScanner measurement data to predict the lifetime of pipelines.

Our Cloud Environment

PipeScanner measurement data can be transmitted to our Cloud Environment automatically. Algorithms and data models analyse the data and convert it into valuable insights.

Our advanced dashboard provides all the insights and overviews you need. Zoom in, zoom out. Focus on KPIs, set threshold values and generate reports.

We analyse the pipeline data using self-learning data models. The more (inspection) data, the more accurate these predictions can be.

You can use the data to set up inspection and maintenance schedules and monitor your water network’s performance.

Use our interactive online dashboard! The statistics button shows the remaining wall thickness of the pipe. Click on circumferential for the full circumference of the pipe, and on map for the location.

Compare the utility of the PipeScanner with other spot measurement tools

Tech comparison spot measurement

PipeScanner (UT) Radar CT Coupon (Thymolftaleïne)
Scan surface
Measurements per day
Lead time report
Possibility for (further) research
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What are our clients’ experiences?

Multiple water suppliers and water boards already became acquainted with the PipeScanner.

Thanks to the PipeScanner, we can perform our own condition assessments whenever we happen to have easy access to a pipeline.
Roel Diemel Senior Advisor Assetmanagement Infrastructure drinking water
Roel Diemel

Brabant Water

Do you want to learn about the Pipe Scanner in greater detail? Arrange for a demo today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any coating thickness/surface preparation requirements for the PipeScanner?

We have no issues with the PipeScanner measuring through layers of paint. A coating layer could be a problem, and therefore we advise removing it prior though measuring.

Does the PipeScanner require full circumference access to the pipe?

Preferably yes. But in practice, this is not always possible due to obstacles. The best thing in these cases is to collect as much data as possible.

Does the PipeScanner require the pipe to be full of water for readings?

No, the pipe does not have to be filled

How long does the exposed area of the pipe need to be?

For planned scans, we typically suggest 1 metre. For unplanned scans, it depends on the exposure itself. Every opportunity to add data aids in the improvement of your replacement model

Is the PipeScanner affected by sediment?

Internal sediment is no issue for the PipeScanner

How many scans could reasonably be performed in a day?

The number of scans depends on the accessibility and the distance between locations. We usually estimate 4-8 locations a day

What happens if there is an air pocket in the pipe?

Air pockets do not matter for the PipeScanner

Can the PipeScanner inspect pipelines while the pipeline is still in operation?

Yes the PipeScanner can inspect a pipeline while it is in operation

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