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Interns Fardau Wenselaar and Siem Tillema at the office

Acquaint: 2021 learning school

Interns Fardau Wenselaar and Siem Tillema at the office

Acquaint has a modern view on employment practices. Transferring knowledge to the employees of tomorrow is one of our pillars in this area. Interns are therefore of great importance to Acquaint. Although we all need to work from home as much as possible and at an appropriate distance Acquaint is happy to offer young talent the opportunity to graduate or to do an internship. Our current interns and graduates share their experiences in this article.

Rudy Dijkstra, CEO of Acquaint, emphasises why interns also play an important role in the business world: “Interns bring innovation, they dare to ask questions that no longer seem relevant to us because we no longer see them. Interns provide a refreshing perspective and that is contagious. This creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace and that has an effect on the current employees, but also towards our clients.” 

Professionals of the future

Students are not just young adults that want to complete their school career. Students are the professionals of the future looking for potential employers. Acquaint sees in students potential employees and by properly guiding and observing them, important steps can be taken in the student’s working life. It often happens that after graduation interns come back to Acquaint and start working as colleagues. 

Hector Hernandez Delgadillo, who started as an intern, is now a full-fledged colleague and Material Specialist at Acquaint. He said the following about Acquaint: “At Acquaint you have the possibility to grow; as a person and as a professional. The company is flexible and I am happy that Acquaint is open to ideas and innovative changes.” 

Working on your own ambitions

Interns who are currently working at Acquaint see opportunities in Acquaint’s knowledge and working method. 

Teunia Postma, third-year student International Business at NHL Stenden, can work on her personal ambitions through her internship at Acquaint: “I chose an internship at Acquaint because of my experience with Acquaint during the second year of my study, which was very positive and a good cooperation. In addition, Acquaint has a sustainable business model with a lot of potential that attracted me. As Acquaint offers a unique product that contributes to improved water management, I believe that by doing an internship at Acquaint I can contribute to making water management more sustainable in the Netherlands and abroad. 

According to Hang Zheng, fourth-year student Applied Mathematics at NHL Stenden, Acquaint is the company to graduate from: “The assignments that Acquaint works with are of high quality. Furthermore, if you run into something, you can always ask someone to help you. Furthermore, the graduation internship was arranged very quickly, I could start within a few days. That is very quick compared to other companies”. Tobias Brückner, also a fourth-year student at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, study Industrial Product Design and involved in upgrading the Pipe Scanner, confirms Zheng’s statement: “They should be independent. Everyone wants to help you, but you have to dare to ask. 

Siem Tillema, third-year student International Communication at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, is also enthusiastic: “I would certainly recommend an internship at Acquaint because there is enough space to develop yourself while making a valuable contribution to the company. Moreover, the working atmosphere is very pleasant to work in and there are enough knowledge-rich colleagues to learn from.” 

Fardau Wenselaar, International Business and Languages at NHL Stenden, for example, mentioned specifically the supervision by the CEO of Acquaint: “Rudy supervises my graduation internship and I am very satisfied with it. I like to have some freedom while writing my thesis, which is why we don’t schedule a weekly catch-up about the progress of my research. As soon as I have interesting findings I share them with Rudy. He is always willing to answer questions, discuss things or give advice.” 

Remain teacher

Offering a challenging learning school to young talent will remain part of Acquaint’s strategy to not only develop further, but also to remain a teacher for the professionals of the future. Corona months or not, investing in the future cannot come to a standstill. 

Are you looking for a pleasant learning school or do you want to graduate at Acquaint? Get in touch with Rudy Dijkstra: +31 630056921. 

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