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In April 2020 Acquaint started, in collaboration with HDM Pipelines, Spatial Insight, KWR Water Research Institute, Water Board Limburg, Water Board Zuiderzeeland, and Brabant Water, the TKI project Midas: Multiple Data Sources. The project aims at improving the use of availability data from (pipeline) inspections in pipeline condition models. Midas will, in addition, provide independent data for the outcomes of these models.

The reason

Drinking water companies and water boards wish more and more to make substantiated choices regarding the maintenance and renewal of their pipelines based on specified pipeline condition models. However, it has become increasingly clear that the successful use of these models depends on the availability of data input, to be obtained from multiple information sources. In the Midas project, a method is being developed to make the best possible use of available data sources. This is done by combining data sources to fill each other’s gaps, and by weighing individual sources on their importance in supporting pipeline renewal decisions.

For a complete data-overview

By supplying the condition models with highly accurate data input, the results of this project give water boards and drinking water companies access to better substantiated and more accurate estimates of the failure probabilities of their pipelines. Moreover, the uncertainty of this data input, and therefore also the outcome of the condition models, are taken into account so that the accuracy of the probability of failure or expected residual life can also be determined. This data can then be used to support the decision regarding the renewal of pipelines. This minimizes the costs by avoiding unnecessary investments. Additionally, it saves costs and reduces nuisance from malfunctions. In the coming years, the results offer technology suppliers the opportunity to use condition models in a well-founded manner when interpreting environmental data and inspections for their clients. This also allows for more targeted inspections to fill the gaps in the data and reach the most cost-effective solution.

From inspection data to report

The Midas project started in April 2020. Currently, the data is enriched with pipeline parameters and environmental data to improve the accuracy of condition models. By mid-2022, all the collected data will be processed into a report.

Public-private partnership

This activity is partly financed with PPS-finance from the Supplement for Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI’s) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. For more information about the Midas project, please refer to the website of TKI water technology: More information about the PPS financing for TKI’s can be found here:

About Acquaint B.V.

Acquaint’s objective is to reliably forecast future pipeline failure. Pipelines that have an essential role in achieving and maintaining the well-being and societal health within the drinking and wastewater sector. The company develops innovative pipeline inspection methods and techniques. With these tools, pipeline owners and managers can verify maintenance strategies and preventively detect failure mechanisms. The application of data science creates a leverage effect that accelerates our clients’ control. Acquaint contributes to the structural reduction of capital costs and achieving operational excellence.

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Note for editors:

For more information, please contact Rudy Dijkstra, CEO at Acquaint: +31 6 30 05 69 21.

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