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First webinar Acquaint about Pipeline replacement and pipeline inspection services

Acquaint’s first webinar scored 8.5

First webinar Acquaint about Pipeline replacement and pipeline inspection services

October 30th, a regular Friday, was the moment of truth: Acquaint’s very first webinar was on the program. This webinar was organised for all Dutch water boards, which were very well represented.

Interactive webinar

The program of the webinar consisted of dialogues with the water boards about topics such as ‘what happens with all the data measurements’, ‘leaching in pressure pipelines’, ‘Pipe Scanner or drill core’ and the ‘roadmap’ of Acquaint for the future. But there was also time an open discussion about ‘condition assessment of pressure pipelines’ and the various ‘dashboards in the Cloud environment’. The discussions took place in a pleasant and enthusiastic way and many questions were treated.


At the end of the break, the participants of the water boards were asked to bring in their beer, it ‘Piipke’, brewed especially for this occasion, to celebrate the launch. The launch of the website conducted ‘live’ during the webinar by Siemen van der Heide (Project Manager and COO) and Pieter Groenveld (Project Engineer). They were in the field with a figurative milestone, represented by a wooden marker stake, which literally went into the ground. The confetti cannon in the warehouse, specially set up as a studio for the webinar, added a lot of joy to this launch.

Satisfied clients

To get an impression of how the clients experienced this first webinar, they were asked to give a score (1-10) with an explanation. Frank Verkuijlen, Water board Limburg (WBL) gave Acquaint a 9 out of 10. Rien van Wanrooij, Water board Brabant Delta said the following: “A surprising first webinar where important and relevant topics were discussed, and it is nice to be able to continue to talk in this way with Acquaint and the other water boards in these times”. He awarded this first webinar with an 8. A very satisfactory score and therefore worth repeating.

The majority of those present indicated that their knowledge has been broadened and would like to join the next webinar to gain even more new insights, to broaden their knowledge and to stay acquainted.

Would you like to attend the next Acquaint webinar? Let us know via and you will be kept informed about the registration for the next webinar.

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