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Acquaint’s Greatest Milestones of 2021

Acquaint looks back on a year in which many international developments took place. The Aquabrella has also travelled a lot of kilometres through pipelines in the past month, which, despite our pride and joy, has also brought tensions with it.

The Pipe Scanners are used Worldwide 

It is no secret that Acquaint has made a big step in terms of internationalisation in 2021. The Pipe Scanner, Acquaint’s external inspection tool, is already being used in many different countries within Europe. But that is not all! In July, a number of suitcases containing the Pipe Scanners were sent to the United States. At that moment, the team realised that the further development of this innovative technology was proceeding at a rapid pace.  

What is special about the Pipe Scanner is of course that you, as a company, can perform scans wherever and whenever you want without an external party. The New Zealand company Pipeline & Civil, constructor of pipelines, has also been busy performing measurements with the Pipe Scanner in recent months. As you can see in the picture, the men quickly understood how the tool works. The Pipe Scanner is an ideal tool for companies to gain insight into the current condition of the pipe on site. 

International Partnerships 

After the above paragraphs, it is no surprise that Acquaint was, and still is, looking for partners in and outside of Europe. Six months ago, a partner test was published on LinkedIn and it paid off! The team has been expanded with partners in the United Kingdom and in the United States. At the beginning of 2022, the first inspections will take place with the help of these partners. In the map below all of the partner locations can be seen.

Acquaint’s mission is to contribute to a future-proof global water supply. Therefore, it is important that the partners represent the same interests and are committed to this mission, together with Acquaint. Are you, like the other partners, experienced in the water sector and do you think you would be a suitable partner for Acquaint? Then look at our partner page and contact us if you pass the test. 

Longest Inspection with the Aquabrella 

The past few weeks, Acquaint’s tough Inspection Engineers, in cooperation with GMB, have been working on the longest inspection to date. In three runs, they inspected a raw water pipeline of Dunea, of a total length of 40 kilometres. Apart from the fact that this was the longest inspection ever, the condition of the pipeline was determined with the help of the Aquabrella. The Aquabrella is an inspection technology that has not yet passed through many pipelines, in short: a tool that has undergone many (further) developments in the past year.  

Because of the length of the pipeline, the inspection days were long. From launching the tool in the dark, to receiving the tool in the dark. Despite the confidence in the tool and the team, such an inspection is always exciting. After all, you do not know what the Aquabrella will find in the pipe. When the inspection tool emerged undamaged from the pipeline after the final run, the feeling of confidence and pride only increased. What a fantastic project to end 2021 with! Acquaint is grateful to Dunea for both their confidence in them and their innovative and globally unique technology. 

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