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WEFTEC 2022’s exhibition will take place October 10-12 (conference 8-12) in New Orleans (LA). Of course, Acquaint will attend this huge event where water professionals from all around the world will connect. You, as a water utility, cannot be missed.

Let’s talk pipelines

Curious to know what the true condition of your pipelines is and get the most out of your assets? Do you want to improve your reliability and safety as a water network, cut down on costs significantly by preventing damage, leaks and other failures? Gain all the insights you need with our inspection tools.

International partner

Together with our international partner in the USA, CPM Pipelines, we will be at the 95th annual technical exhibition. We’re really happy we can do this with them, as they have full faith in our proven technology.

Meet us at WEFTEC. Rudy Dijkstra, CEO, and Siemen van der Heide, COO, will explain how our innovative technology and how we work.

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