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New style of Acquaint radiates growth

New style of Acquaint radiates growth

New style of Acquaint radiates growth

At the same time as the launch of the website, the entire rebranding of Acquaint was implemented. From a new logo with different colours to the use of images online and offline; the rebranding radiates Acquaint. The launch of the rebranding and website took place digitally during the very first webinar of Acquaint.

Why rebranding

The ‘old’ Acquaint branding was mainly geared towards reaching (prospective) clients in the water technology sector in the Netherlands, in a professional manner. Naturally, the new style is still based on professionalism combined with personal contact, but Acquaint is internationalising. In addition to the water technology sector in the Netherlands, Acquaint can market its products and services in numerous other countries, and that requires change.

This ‘jacket’ fits Acquaint perfectly

In addition to the internationalization of Acquaint’s brand, products and services, it is important to know that it is a young company, consisting of a team of experts that every day puts their heart and soul into the development and implementation of those products and services. The feeling that a logo, the way of communicating, the colour scheme and attractive images stir up among (online) visitors has been made to match during this period of re-branding. A company with a deeper layer with regard to products, innovations, clients and ideas deserves a logo that reflects this. Based on an thorough research among all employees of Acquaint, it has become clear that Acquaint, with its vision and mission, feels connected to graceful and organic shapes. Based on this, the new Acquaint logo has been developed.

More than just a new logo

The entire style of Acquaint has been renewed, based on the “challenger sale method”, challenging the client. We don’t just ask our client to buy a solution from us to solve his or her problem, we challenge the client to think differently. And above all: we let them think along. For this reason, there are already two launching customers for the DIY Pipe Scanner. These customers are very valuable for Acquaint, because they challenge us and participate in the development process of the inspection method.

Acquaint carries out the challenger sale method in all its expressions. From text to images and from email to telephone conversation. The new pay-off “BETTER INSIGHTS, SAFER PIPELINES” therefore applies not only to Acquaint, but also to the client. We are all searching solutions to the same problem and that is reflected in all communication 2.0.

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