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Mobile presentation of the Acquaint website

Renewed website helps asset managers to get in control

Mobile presentation of the Acquaint website

October 30th the new website of Acquaint was launched. A milestone in which the new corporate identity of Acquaint was immediately implemented. The website is part of the complete rebranding of Acquaint. After all, Acquaint is constantly in development and from there it sought a path to the desired strategic transformation.

The premise

The new Acquaint website is designed for (potential) clients who want quickly achieve their goal online. This is the reason that the website has become very user-friendly. In order to provide clients and / or interested parties even faster with information about the savings that could be made, the ROI calculator has been added to the website. Here, pipeline owners can enter the data of the pipelines that they have in the underground; where, how many metres, size and material. Based on the entered data, Acquaint makes a quick calculation and shows it. The estimated replacement costs, maintenance, inspection and intervention costs, the periodic depreciation costs and the cost savings are immediately communicated to the pipeline owner.


In addition to the Cost Benefit Scan, the content of the new website naturally includes information about the products and services that Acquaint offers. But also in various case studies, online visitors can read about the experiences clients have and in which way Acquaint helps asset managers to get better in control. Every case is different and lessons can be learned from experiences. In addition to this written information, there are also numerous videos showing how the inspection tools work on site. Here you can gain good insight into the use of the Do It Yourself inspection methods in the field.

Looking forward

Acquaint strives for quality, innovation and client satisfaction through continuous improvement of its organisation, business processes and (continuous) development of products and services. Rudy Dijkstra, CEO of Acquaint emphasizes: “We have been on the road for five years now and have the leading position in the Netherlands when it comes to preventing future failure of pipelines. To be able to continue to develop at the same pace, export is necessary and we are therefore internationalizing; a goal we had in mind from the start. We can actually say that Acquaint 2.0 has been launched and we are happy to convey this in our completely renewed website and rebranding of the corporate identity”.

Also curious about what Acquaint can do for you in the field preventing pipeline failure? Feel free to contact us for a free live demo via

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