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Succesful pipeline condition assessment with the inline pipeline inspection tool the Acquarius at Delfland Water Authorithy

Successful inspection at Delfland Water Authority

Succesful pipeline condition assessment with the inline pipeline inspection tool the Acquarius at Delfland Water Authorithy

Inhabitants in the area of Delfland flush away around 130 litres of dirty water daily. Delfland ensures the purification of this waste water. For this purpose Delfland manages many pipelines. It is essential that these pipelines are properly checked regularly. On the basis of inline inspection techniques such as the Acquarius it is possible to make better risk analyses of the pipeline network. By obtaining data and thereby optimising the maintenance of these pipelines, it is easier for Delfland Water Authority to guarantee the discharge of all this wastewater to the treatment plants.

Marinus Vellekoop, Technical advisor at the Maintenance Technical Installations department of Delfland Water Authority, is responsible for the inspections of the pipelines. He stated that it is important that the team of asset managers have enough data to be able to make the right decisions and thus the long-term plans.

Marinus Vellekoop: “I had been looking for some years for an inspection method that could measure all the data that I find important over the entire inline pipeline length. Via Stowa/Rioned I came into contact with an inspection method developed by several water boards. My first experience with the Acquarius was during a demonstration of Acquaint. I was immediately impressed by all the data the Acquarius can collect. In the past, we could only inspect a part of a pressure pipeline, but with this method you will know everything you want to know about the entire pipeline within a few days. Due to the combination of the analyses of all data, this method provides justifiable input for long-term asset management plans.”

Successful cooperation

“Acquaint is an all-in inspector that provides a lot of data about the details needed to analyse the remaining life of a pipeline”, says Marinus Vellekoop. “A good example of this is the inspection of the pipeline pumping station s’ Gravenzande to the water treatment plant Nieuwe Waterweg. Having the launch facility (pig trap) built in-house went perfectly,” says Marinus. “The pipeline was cleaned with a soft foam pig and possible obstacles were located to prevent surprises during the inspection.” Marinus mentions that Acquaint always tries to learn as much as possible from each inspection, a lot of effort is put into this. Because Acquaint is constantly evolving, it remains at the forefront of technology in the water sector. “This inspection allowed us to focus on the critical points of the pipelines. In addition, we can save costs by leaving pipes, that have a longer expected lifetime, in the ground and we can intervene in time and prevent failure at critical locations”.

A secure water network

In the meantime we conducted multiple inspections at different pipelines. We learned a lot during the inspection at Delfland Water Authority. We hope to continue working together in the future and guarantee the quality of the supply of wastewater to the water treatment plant in Delfland. By means of our inspections with the Acquarius and the collected data.

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