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Inspection and Mechanical engineer Adriaan Johannes Otte

The mechanical talent behind the innovative inspection tools

Inspection and Mechanical engineer Adriaan Johannes Otte

Acquaint is determined to be the best partner for water boards and drinking and wastewater companies. To achieve this, we focus on innovation and the continuous development of our inspection tools. The driver of innovation is the talent within Acquaint. That is why we like to work with new talent; people with a fresh look at the current processes and products. The newest addition to our team is the 24 years old Adriaan Otte. In February, he started as a mechanical engineer at Acquaint. Adriaan is responsible for all mechanical aspects regarding the developed inspection tools.

Passion for technology

Thanks to a resourceful grandfather and a father who worked in engineering Adriaan came into contact with technology from an early age. His passion for technology was visible from a very young age. Adriaan explains: “I loved tinkering with the most beautiful machines together with my grandfather. For example with the scales or cutting machine in my grandfather’s greengrocer’s shop, but also with small steam engines. From this the passion for helping people by developing devices arose.”

The decision to study mechanical engineering was a logical next step. During this study Adriaan learned the tricks of the trade. His economic interest resulted in him taking additional courses in technical business administration, such as: quality and operations management. Adriaan states: “You can design the most beautiful things but if nobody can afford it, who is going to use it?”

Satisfaction from customer contact

After the study Adriaan came into contact with the CEO of Acquaint, Rudy Dijkstra. A meeting was soon scheduled and it did not take long before Adriaan got in touch with other employees of the company. “The feeling was immediately right, Acquaint is a modern company with young talents who have a lot of knowledge”, Adriaan shares. The first three months have passed and he still enjoys the job: “My tasks vary a lot, which makes the job different every day. The position also involves a lot of responsibility, which suits me well. In addition, I am given the freedom to decide for myself how the tasks should be carried out. Moreover, I get a lot of satisfaction from the positive contact with the clients during the inspections. The mechanical part of the inspection tool works well and the clients actually benefit from the inspections”, according to Adriaan.

Continuously developing

Adriaan talks about his passion to make the work of others easier. Continuous development ensures that I can do my job better. “My goal is to get better at making designs. Gaining experience during inspections is crucial to achieve this.”

The ambition to develop fits well with the mentality of the Acquiant team. “From the first concept of an inspection tool everyone has the drive to achieve the best results. As a team we worked on an improved Pipe Scanner that is almost ready to enter the international market. The cool thing about my job as a mechanical engineer is that all physical changes are immediately visible. The clients also notice the constant improvements. In the end, the result is that the client has less water loss; everyone benefits from the inspection tools.”

Adriaan is also a busy man outside Acquaint. He likes to develop personally by reading books about leadership and business. Adriaan is a keen sportsman too. He enjoys to do CrossFit, swimming and cycling.

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