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Demonstration of pipeline inspection with the PipeScanner on a PVC pipeline

Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg positive about online demo Pipe Scanner

Demonstration of pipeline inspection with the PipeScanner on a PVC pipeline

On Friday, 5 March, Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (WML), a drinking water company, got a demonstration on the operation of a Pipe Scanner and subsequently on the processing of the data that had been collected. The company supplies drinking water to 500,000 households and just over 15,000 companies in Limburg. Advisor Asset Management Geert Linssen was pleasantly surprised with the insights he gained: ‘’We have already done data collection with the Pipe Scanner before, so I was very curious about the software process after data collection. I found the complete overview fascinating!’’

The added value of the Pipe Scanner

Geert Linssen continues: ‘In my position I am involved in, among other things, drawing up long-term asset planning. Being able to operate the Pipe Scanner myself, automatically uploading the data to Acquaint, and then receiving visually insightful analyses about the state of the pipeline is a wonderful development. An addition is the way it is presented. Finally not just an excel file with numbers’’. WML is aware of the importance of making the right choices, seeking a good balance between performance, costs and risks. Insight into the condition of the assets is an important part of this. A crucial parameter is the number of leakages. ‘’Data about the pipeline network makes this less complex. The pipelines and infrastructure above ground are easier to inspect, but without a condition assessment your underground pipeline network will remain a black box. By knowing what the condition of the asset is, I am better in control and I know what needs to be remediated. Everything starts with data’’, says Geert Linssen.

Collaboration with Acquaint

WML has done multiple pilots with Acquaint, such as the first round of the Acquarius through a cement pipeline. This did not go completely smoothly. The entry point of the pipeline did not match completely with the Acquarius, so it was not centered properly in the pipeline. As a result, the first measurements were somewhat disappointing. However, the run did not withhold WML from conducting further pilots to fine-tune aspects and achieve better results. Acquaint is currently looking for a suitable solution. The development of asset management is not standing still and more preventive work is being done.

Demo day

Even though the representatives from WML were not as broad as planned (they wanted to involve the mechanics) it was still a very successful demo. Geert Linssen explains: ‘’Of course, it was not a live demo on location, but the video connection gave us clear insights into how the Pipe Scanner works and how the received data is processed. We were able to ask specific questions during the demo and Acquaint was able to address them immediately.

Would you like to know more about the Pipe Scanner then visit the Pipe Scanner page. Did you become curious about the free demo? Feel free to contact our Sales Engineer Robbert Lodewijks:

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