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Rudy Dijkstra and Brabant Water sign a letter of intent for application of the PipeScanner

Acquaint B.V. and Brabant Water signed letter of intent for application of the PipeScanner

Rudy Dijkstra and Brabant Water sign a letter of intent for application of the PipeScanner

Today Acquaint B.V. and Brabant Water signed a letter of intent for the application and further development of the PipeScanner. This document derives from a long period of testing and independent validation by Acquaint. By signing the letter of intent, Brabant Water confirms the importance of condition assessments for a future-proof infrastructure. The signing took place digitally during a webcast.

The first demonstrations of the Do It Yourself (DIY) PipeScanner and corresponding cloud platform were presented during the signing. In addition, Acquaint B.V. launched the PipeScanner leaderboard for the users of the PipeScanners.

The PipeScanner has been developed for on-site use. It concerns Acquaint’s latest technology for external inspection that can be used by customers’ own employees. Condition assessments are an important basis for contemporary decision-making. With the PipeScanner, field workers and asset managers can measure the actual condition of pipelines quickly, at any time, any place. With the innovative cloud platform, asset managers are real-time up-to-date, which enables them to respond adequately on decisions to be made.

“Condition assessments complement and sharpen the image of our distribution network, which in turn feeds us to make well-informed decisions,” says Roel Diemel, Senior Asset Management Consultant at Brabant Water. “The Do It Yourself PipeScanner ensures that Brabant Water has the opportunity to immediately carry out a condition assessment when a pipeline is excavated.”

The purpose of the document is to continue the further development of the PipeScanner. Also the decision-making process is key in this. The letter of intent was signed by Tico Michels, Asset Manager Distribution of Brabant Water and Rudy Dijkstra, CEO of Acquaint. The signed parties recognize that encouraging the use of this external inspection tool will help improve underground infrastructure now and in the future.

The letter of intent forms the basis for a long-term cooperation. After a year, an evaluation will take place and further cooperation will be determined.

About Acquaint B.V.

Acquaint was founded in 2014 and aims to prevent future failure of pipes. The company develops innovative inspection methods and techniques for pipelines. With the air of these tools pipeline owners are able to verify maintenance strategies and detect preventive failure mechanisms. The application of data science creates a leverage effect whereby customers increase the control over their assets. Acquaint contributes to the structural reduction of capital costs and the achievement of operational excellence. More info can be found on the website of Acquaint.

About Brabant Water

Brabant Water is the climate neutral drinking water company that supplies drinking water to 2.5 million inhabitants and companies in North Brabant. Nearly 800 employees ensure that our customers can count on fresh and reliable drinking water every day. That is our first priority. In addition, we are part of Brabant society and as a company we take responsibility for adding value to our environment, for people, nature and the environment as well as society. We also do this in collaboration with a large number of partners. More info:

The innovation fund scheme of the Municipality of Leeuwarden for the subsidy project ‘Cloud environment inspection data’ enables us to innovate further with regard to the development of our inspection tools to collect cloud data. More information can be found here:

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