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Get acquainted with Acquarius

The smart tool for inline pipeline inspections

Acquarius’s sensors assess the condition of transport, pressure and sewer pipes in a single run.

Up to the big jobs

The Acquarius finds its way through larger pressure and sewer pipelines effortlessly: ≥ DN150.

Minimise downtime

The Acquarius will conduct a comprehensive condition assessment of kilometres worth of pipelines in a single run, with no downtime.

Improve management performance

Access Acquarius inspection data on your dashboard to manage and maintain your water network more effectively.

Pipeline inspection without downtime

by Siemen van der Heide

With the Acquarius you can inspect a pipeline while remaining in operation. Due to its manoeuvrability, it always finds a way through.

How the Acquarius works

A complete condition assessment in one run, all data available within one day.

Inspection tool for pipeline inspection services

What does the Acquarius inspect?

The Acquarius assesses the internal condition of pressure and transport pipelines with diameters ≥ DN150. The intelligent robot is suitable for use in (high-risk) concrete, asbestos cement, cast iron, stainless steel and HDPE/PVC/GRP pipelines. The Acquarius provides a comprehensive condition assessment; wall thickness degradation, location, corrosion, leaching, diameter and deterioration due to H2S.

Inspecting the pipeline integrity with the inline inspection tool the Acquarius

How does it work?

Acquarius’s sensors record the condition of many kilometres worth of transport, pressure or sewer pipelines in a single run. The acquired measurement from the Acquarius can subsequently be uploaded to our cloud platform. We then use data analysis to offer you insights into the pipelines’ current condition and remaining lifetime within the day. Including for pipelines that have not (yet) been inspected.



The Acquarius works on the pigging principle, making this a non-destructive inspection method.


The Acquarius measurement data can be uploaded to our cloud environment automatically thanks to the Acquaint upload tool.

Take on the big jobs

The Acquarius is suitable for the inspection of pipework at diameters ≥ DN150 over great length.

Maximum insight into pipeline condition

Our advanced dashboard provides you with all the insights and overviews you need.

High measurement density

Measurement accuracy within 1 mm: leaching, deterioration due to H2S, corrosion, location, angular displacement of joints, gap width, wall thickness degradation, ovality and diameter, axial tension and leaks.

Do it yourself

We can train your own staff to work with the Acquarius independently. You can also opt to make use of our Acquarius teams.

The results

Reduce risks, minimise downtime and cut down on costs significantly

24/7 access to all the insights into your water network’s current condition.

Predict damage and malfunctions including for pipelines that have not (yet) been inspected.

Cut down on costs significantly by setting intelligent management priorities and prevent damage, leaks and malfunctions.

Acquarius (UT / Magnetic field) Acoustic Balls Electromagnetic Wave Propagation ART (Accoustic Resonance Technology)
Cement-lined cast iron
Cast iron
Predictive modelling
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What are our clients ‘experiences?

Read how clients get the most out of their assets thanks to Acquaint

Without the Acquarius, we would probably have dug up many more pipelines to inspect. Now we know that won’t be necessary.
Fred Bergman Maintenance employee Civil Engineering and Architecture at Water Board Aa en Maas
Fred Bergman

Waterschap Aa en Maas

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CEO Rudy Dijkstra

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