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Article Acquaint in WaterProof magazine: The fun factor in water management, High-Tech sponge inspects pipelines.

The Water Alliance organized a seminar at the national exhibtion Aqua Nederland in Gorinchem in March this year, during which various companies showed off their smart innovations. Whatever the subject, reducing the costs and the footprint of water management was the main priority. Take pipelines, for example. Anyone who realizes that the demand for replacement in the large Dutch networks alone could amount to €12.5 billion in the coming years will understand the importance of a smart approach. Rudy Dijkstra from Acquaint explained what his company has to offer.

“You have to realize that 98% of the pipelines are still in good condition, with the exception of the bottlenecks”, said Dijkstra. “If you can find the bottlenecks, you can avoid a staggering amount of unnecessary digging. That means fewer people and fewer machines. That can result in a CO2 reduction of up to 98 per cent, and a cost saving of 81 per cent over the entire life cycle of your network.”

Click below for the full article ‘High-tech sponge inspects pipelines‘ from the WaterProof magazine of Water Alliance (Number 02, 2019).

Article Acquaint in WaterProof Magazine