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Rudy Dijkstra of Acquaint gave a presentation on the development of inline inspection tools for water pipes during the working visit of Prime Minister Rutte to WaterCampus Leeuwarden on Monday 20 August.
He explained the relevance of inspection technology for the entire water sector. The sector is facing a total investment of 12.6 billion euros in the coming years. With the technology that Acquaint is already using and the new techniques being developed together with Wetsus and various partners from the water sector, this amount can be reduced by 82%.

The new inspection tools make a major contribution to the reliable assessment of the quality of drinking and waste water pipes. Based on the data collected by the tools, pipelinemanagers are able to make informed decisions about the management and maintenance of these pipelines.


Fltr: Caspar Geelen (Wetsus), Rudy Dijkstra (Acquaint), Sander de Rouwe (deputy), Evelien Walstra (gemeente Leeuwarden), Mayor Ferd Crone (gemeente Leeuwarden), Hein Molenkamp (Water Alliance), Cees Buisman (Wetsus), Johannes Boonstra (Wetsus), Prime Minister Rutte, Hector Hernandez (Wetsus). Photocredits @Wetsus.

Prime Minister Rutte received the WaterTech Regiodeal during this working visit. This Regiodeal is a joint proposal by 15 northern parties for the further development of WaterCampus Leeuwarden and the knowledge economy around water technology. The proposal is a response to the government’s call to regions to come up with proposals for tackling social challenges and capitalizing on economic opportunities in the region.