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Acquaint ranked 22nd fastest-growing technology firm in the Netherlands

Acquaint ranked 22nd fastest-growing technology firm in the Netherlands

Acquaint ranked 22nd fastest-growing technology firm in the Netherlands

Every year Deloitte deploys its Fast50 technology to find the 50 fastest-growing technology companies and the most innovative start-ups in the Netherlands. Yesterday they announced the 2020 list during ‘The Fast 50’ online event. Acquaint came in at number 22 thanks to its exponential growth this year.

The nomination

In early November Acquaint received word that Deloitte had nominated it as one of the 50 contenders on the list. It proves that by continuously improving yourself and your company, you can put yourself on the map. ‘The latest insights, attracting the right people, living out your values, and your approach to work and business. That’s what makes for a successful start-up,’ beams Rudy Dijkstra, CEO of Acquaint.

Acquaint not the only Frisian nominee

In addition to Acquaint, Cloud++ B.V. from Joure also garnered a spot on the list. They are ranked number 40. Acquaint shares in their pride and extends its heartfelt congratulations. This recognition is warmly received by both fast-growing Frisian enterprises.


Siemen van der Heide, Operations Manager at Acquaint, highlights the teamwork component: ‘I couldn’t be prouder of our team. We reached this milestone together.’ The listing underscores the quality of teamwork at Acquaint. It acknowledges the company’s innovative approach and attests to its upwards trajectory.

Shoulders to the wheel

Acquaint has proven its ability to deal with setbacks in the past. We put our shoulders to the wheel and resolve the issue together. Rudy explains: ‘Such a high ranking on the list of fastest-growing technology firms is excellent publicity, and will open up challenging doors. We don’t shy from challenges. We are an innovative firm and are happy to show our work. We also extensively identify and analyse the problems we encounter.

About Acquaint B.V.

Acquaint was founded in 2014 and aims to prevent future failure of pipes. Pipelines which have a vital function within the drinking water and wastewater sector in achieving and maintaining the welfare of the society. The company develops innovative inspection methods and techniques for pipelines. With the air of these tools pipeline owners are able to verify maintenance strategies and detect preventive failure mechanisms. The application of data science creates a leverage effect whereby customers increase the control over their assets. Acquaint contributes to the structural reduction of capital costs and the achievement of operational excellence. More info:

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